Covid-19 Emergency resources

In these uncertain times, we may be feeling fear and anxiety, but it’s important that we make every effort to pool together our collective energy and resources to ensure the safety and health of all of our communities. With that in mind, we at Power of Two have developed this comprehensive resource guide that includes a wide array of services that are available to families across New York City during this time. We have scoured various government sites and reached out to partners to make sure that you could access information in one place.


The resource guide is iterative, which means that we will continue to add more resources to it as we develop a deeper understanding of our communities’ needs. However, we encourage you to look through it and share the link with anyone in need of support and information.

If there’s a specific need that you or someone you know has that is not on this list, please email our community resource specialists, Yvette Saccone (Bronx, Manhattan, Westchester) at or Ana Smith (Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island) at and they will get the answers for you.

In the meantime, please remember that even though we must practice physical distancing to combat COVID-19, Power of Two is committed to staying connected and supporting our communities.

Be well, safe, and hopeful.