Our Core Values

Power of Two

Power of Two is proud to share with you our organizational core values. As our organization embarked on a five year plan of growth and expansion, and as the pandemic saw us transition to a virtual environment, it became more important than ever to clearly define the principles that together form the keystone of our organization. They represent the shared foundation of who we are individually and collectively, and they are the commitment we make to ourselves, and to you, to continue our work in fidelity to our stated values.

Our Core Values

1 - Humanity: We respect and honor the inherent value and gift in every human being, recognizing the beauty and power of all our identities and in all of our relationships.

2 - Justice: We name and fight injustice and engage in collective community healing to reclaim our narratives in pursuit of an equitable world. We engage in this work by centering the lived experiences of Black, Brown and Indigenous peoples both locally and globally.

3 - Communication: We recognize that power is intrinsically tied to communication, and therefore we intentionally create equitable spaces that start with listening, encourage different perspectives and foster candid conversations.

4 - Care: We elevate our collective success by centering the needs and experiences of those we are in community with.

5 - Innovation: We reflect on our collective experiences and learnings to continually innovate and strive for individual and community liberation.

In keeping with our commitment to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, these five core values were determined through a deeply collaborative process that sought and garnered input across all levels of our organization. Working together, our team members drew upon their experiences at Power of Two in a process that began in October of 2020. Commencing with the creation of an in-house Values Activation Group, comprised of a cross section of team members, the process was followed by two dynamic all staff workshops assisted by consultancy and finally reviewed by our in-house Racial Equity Activation Group whose comments were incorporated into the final version.

The result was five core values drawn from the principles that have always informally grounded our work, and now formalized into the guiding principles of our organization. As we move forward into the future, the touchstone of these principles will inform every aspect of our work with each other and with you to create lasting change in our communities. These values define us and they define our commitment to a shared humanity in which caring, communication and innovation are employed to create a more just and equitable world.