For Families

Power of Two partners with families in New York City to facilitate healing from systems of racial inequality that perpetuate intergenerational trauma, creating lasting physical and emotional wellbeing, and building community resilience.

Our work in restorative practice through parenting has uniquely positioned us to see how radical caregiving extends beyond the level of the family to create conditions of healing for entire communities. We do this by partnering directly with families to (1) deliver the evidence-based Attachment and Biobehavioral Catch-Up (ABC) parent coaching; (2) apply our on-the-ground knowledge of family needs and community dynamics to connect families with additional resources; and (3) contribute to broader community advocacy initiatives.

About ABC

A trained Parent Coach from Power of Two visits you and your baby (or the baby in your care) for hour-long sessions over 10 weeks. Your ABC coach will schedule these visits whenever you are free. We offer coaching sessions both in the home and over Zoom.

Connect Your Family with Power of Two

Who Can Participate?

We take referrals from our community partners and from foster care agencies.

Community Referrals – our program is available to any parent, primary caregiver, or legal guardian (including those with preventive cases) who:

  • Has a child or children between the ages of 6 months and 48 months
  • Lives in Brownsville, Brooklyn, the South Bronx, and the immediately surrounding neighborhoods.

Foster Care Referrals*— our program is available to any foster parent, recently reunified parent, trial discharge parent, adoptive parent, or legal guardian who:

  • Has a child or children in care between the ages of 6 months and 48 months
  • Lives in any borough of New York City.

*Foster care referrals are usually made directly through the foster care system. If you are connected to a foster care agency and are interested in our program, please contact your case planner for details on how to enroll in our program.

Self-Referral – you can participate in our program in person from the comfort of your home or virtually over Zoom. To check eligibility, please call (516) 636-3204 (Brooklyn) or (516) 534-5119 (Bronx), or send us an email at

Where and When?

In your home or over Zoom, whenever works for you. Our program is FREE.

Languages Available

English and Spanish

Additional Resources

We understand that for responsive caregiving to be prioritized, other essential family needs must be met. That’s why our Community Resources Specialists connect with families to ascertain the additional services that could be beneficial. We provide comprehensive referrals to resources such as health services, mental health services, education programs, housing and food assistance, employment programs, childcare, and financial support, among others.

Community Ambassadors

Parents and caregivers who complete the program have the opportunity to become Community Ambassadors. These program graduates receive training on topics such as child development, critical race theory, and advocacy, and engage in policy work that addresses systemic barriers to positive outcomes for families and communities.